Fredricka Stewart

Fredricka StewartBy grace God turned around Fredrick Early Stewart's early life of crime and destruction into a live of love and service in the city of Canton, Ohio and beyond.

You won't believe one woman could be so "off the hook" with weapons, drug dealing, motorcycle racing and other exploits. You will believe how God turned her around, and can still turn around any life, no matter how destructive and lost.

Her message is one of hope in Jesus Christ – regardless of your past; your future is in the choices that you make. She is the proof, her life is a testimony to the possibility of addition by subtraction of the sins that hold you back in so many ways.

Now the Executive Director of the Trinity Gospel Street Ministry Outreach program, she has witnessed God do amazing things, from providing when it seemed like there was no hope, to drawing hundreds to Christ over the life of her ministry. With a new burden to reach souls with a message of motivation in Christ, she sets out to tell her story – trusting God to lead her where He wants her to be.

.Fredricka strives to take hope to the streets and to bring deliverance from wrong choices. Equipped with the Word of God and an extraordinary testimony of her own deliverance, she leads several block parties throughout the summer, climaxing in a large Drug Free Rally each year.