Zach Freidhof

Zach became a musician after a near-death experience and took to the road, touring all over (from coffee houses, house parties, wine stores, yoga sessions, and charity events). Traveling throughout the United States, performing at festivals and concerts, his music is all upbeat, hopeful, and optimistic — a part of his effort to bring peace and harmony wherever he sings.

In addition to music, and as a result of being inspired by the words and actions of Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi, Freidhof co-founded a nonprofit organization in spring 2010, “The Akron Peace Project.” This group provides tools and education about nonviolence to the local communities throughout Akron. “We try to partner with as many groups as we can to spread peace,” he adds.

“Nature has always been a place that feels like home and calls me often. It is my place of rejuvenation, inspiration, meditation. Over the last 5 years, as I tour across the country performing my music, I have been taking photographs of the places and things that inspire and move me,” said Freidhof

The title, Tiny Meditations, encourages us to seek solace and joy in small, quick moments. This book is meant to be portable and accessible anywhere one might be looking for some uplift.

Freidhof was also named Akron life’s Best Humanitarian in the July 2013 Best of The City issue.