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$15 USD

Tiny Meditations

By Zach Freidhof

The title, Tiny Meditations, encourages us to seek solace and joy in small, quick moments. This book is meant to be portable and accessible anywhere one might be looking for some uplift.

“Nature has always been a place that feels like home and calls me often. It is my place of rejuvenation, inspiration, meditation. Over the last 5 years, as I tour across the country performing my music, I have been taking photographs of the places and things that inspire and move me,” said Freidhof


$15 USD

Soul's Cry 2nd Edition

By John Schluep

Dr. John Schluep has a unique combination of experience. He has served as a combat-ready infantry officer, a psychotherapist, and a senior pastor of a large, active church. The philosophy of the Warriors’ Journey Home group, is a healing model grounded in research from the areas of; Support, Education, Ritual, Healing Services, Reconciliation Services, and Restoration. He trains veterans and civilians (persons of strong heart) to reconnect with their communities by welcoming them home.

Soul’s Cry, is a primer that provides insight on how to deal with the safe return our veteran’s require to relinquish the suffering brought about by the invisible wounds of war.

The book is recommended for all; from the mental health community providers, clergy, family members, veterans, and the community in general. Soul’s Cry, is a guidebook that can offer suggestions for the type of transformative community based healing that is so needed in our society.

Warriors’ Journey Home is a non-sectarian, non-political organization focused on healing the soul and spirit, the invisible wounds of military service and war.

$10 USD

Healing the Soul's Wound: A Heart and Soul Liturgy

By John Schluep

Healing The Soul’s Wound: A Heart & Soul Liturgy, is an answer to a frequently asked question by clergy charged with the task of leading worship: “How do I write a service of worship for Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day honoring the veteran for their service and remain religious without becoming nationalistic?”  After a decade and a half of working in this specialized area of ministry Dr. Schluep provides a framework for worship liturgy that is focused on healing invisible wounds by honoring the heart and soul of the individual. 

This outline for liturgy (the work of the people) is adaptable in many settings and services of worship for every faith community.  Everyone, veteran and civilian (or People of Strong Heart) alike, carries an invisible wound.  This small book is insightful and helpful in bringing the community together for a common purpose.

$15 USD

Warrior's Journey Home Training Curriculum

By John Schluep

Warriors’ Journey Home Training Curriculum, is a “nuts and bolts” guide to laying a foundation, building  specialized healing to veterans, civilians and the community.  The philosophy of the Warriors’ Journey Home is a healing model grounded in research from the areas of theology, religion, warrior culture, trauma and healing.  It is diverse in its scope, specific in context, and applicable in settings that are spiritually-based for support and healing of the invisible wounds. Warriors' Journey Home is a non-sectarian, non-political organization focused on healing the soul and spirit, the invisible wounds of military service and war.

Warriors’ Journey Home offers facilitator training several times a year.  Interested persons may visit our web site at and click on the tab labeled “Resources” for the next training session.

Fragrance of Prayer

$15 USD

The Fragrance of Prayer

By Delphine Allen

Delphine Allen's book, The Fragrance of Prayer, is about the discipline of prayer and spending time alone in God's Presence.

It is a compilation of scripturally based prayers designed to assist the reader in connecting with God while incorporating Biblical passages during their devotional time.

The prayers are for daily use to facilitate spiritual growth and formation while developing an awareness of the reality of God's Presence in everyday life situations.

$14.99 USD

Your Life, His Garden: Proven Strategies for Building and Maintaining Your Best Life!

By Delphine Allen

Your Life, His Garden is about your spiritual journey with God. In life we often encounter various seasons that can be compared to the cycles of a garden. This book will give you strategies based on the Bible that will assist you in living a life of peace, prosperity and purpose; like a well tended garden.

But how does that happen? In Your Life, His Garden, Delphine addresses how to overcome and thrive when faced with life challenges including fast-paced living, difficult places, understanding the enemy’s strategies, reducing stress, setting priorities and more.

You Never Really Know Book

$15 USD

You Never Really Know 'til You Get There

By Andy Bishop

Part James Bond, Part Mother Theresa, Andy and Bev Bishop and their family criss-crossed the globe from one hot spot to another (and sometimes to very cold spots) showing and sharing God's love for hurting people. Time and again God answered prayers to build his kingdom under seemingly impossible circumstances. This is their life story!


$18 USD

Gateways: A Trilogy on Spiritual Transformation

By Rev. John Harvey

The Rev. John Harvey has served over forty years as a minister with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Thirty of those years were with International Ministries in the countries of Australia, England, and Russia. As regional director for Europe and the Middle East, he was involved in overseeing missions in more than fifteen countries. His ministry has primarily been as a church planter, but in Australia he started the Alliance College of Theology, and has served pastorates in Texas and Georgia. He has been a frequent writer in Alliance Life magazine and especially as contributor to "The Last Word."

$15 USD

Whom the Lord Loveth: Outlines on Chastening for Study and Presentation

By Eileen Morgan

These outlines are intended for use as a personal or group study guide, a Sunday School lesson plan or a resource for presentation by ministers, speakers, teachers, lay leaders and others.

As historical studies, they reveal a great deal about the nature of sin and how God chastens His children. Hopefully they will give readers encouragement and the understanding needed to avoid sin and to grow in a deeper more intimate relationship with Christ.

$15 USD

Lost and Found: Jesus the Greatest Treasure

By Jenny Shanahan

Lost and Found: Jesus the Greatest Treasure is a children's book about the three Magi in search of baby Jesus. As the Magi begin their journey to find Jesus, the kings will travel in your house for children to find. Children are reminded to think of Jesus as they look for the new places where the kings are in their travels. The journey ends on Epiphany (January 6th) when the Magi reach baby Jesus.

My Father's Child book

$12 USD

My Fathers Child

By Fredrick Stewart

By grace God turned around Fredrick Early Stewart's early life of crime and destruction into a life of love and service in the city of Canton, Ohio and beyond.

You won't believe one woman could be so "off the hook" with weapons, drug dealing, motorcycle racing and other exploits.

You will believe how God turned her around, and can still turn around any life, no matter how destructive and lost.


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